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  • Pheidole bicaronata, Big Head Ants
    August 20, 2022

    Pheidole bicaronata, Big Head Ants

    Scientific Name:  Pheidole bicarinataCommon Name:  Big headed antsDistribution:  Widely distributed across the lower half of the United States.Queen size:  5 mmWorker size:  Minor workers 2 mm, Majors 3 mmNatural Habitat:  This is a relatively common species that can be found...

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  • Ants!
    August 30, 2019


    Ants have been a background obsession for a while and I have kept it in check by watching videos, browsing formicariums, and keeping myself busy with the reptiles. It finally got to be too much and after 3 years of this I finally decided to pull the trigger and get some ants. 
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  • Health and Safety Series: Nidovirus
    June 11, 2019

    Health and Safety Series: Nidovirus

    What are nidoviruses? Nidoviruses are a group of related viruses known to cause a severe and sometimes fatal respiratory disease in snakes. These viruses are cousins of SARS and MERS coronaviruses that affect humans, which can also cause severe respiratory...

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just got my 2 boys today and couldn't be more satisfied! already hand tame and cute as can be!

Ashley Silvers

Bought a little pastel calico female ball python from them. it was very
healthy and clean. I received a info brochure and the info card for the
snake. I am patiently waiting on leopard geckos to hatch, and i will be buying from them again.

Brandi Lea

just got a beautiful normal female ball python baby and she is wonderful and healthy. Thank you ♡

Sarah Schoepke

very helpful and fast responses. bought a beautiful mystic boy and he is super sweet. thanks so much

Shannon Davis

Purchased a Paradox stripe snow Kenyan sand boa at the Show Me reptile show in Gadsden and I absolutely love her! The folks from Critter's Creatures
were very knowledgeable and friendly - answered all my questions and helped me pick the perfect addition to my KSB collection. And did I mention she's absolutely beautiful? Highly recommend.

Bethaney Gallagher