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No Shipping till spring due to cold weather.
No Shipping till spring due to cold weather.

3 tube formicarium for small or starting colonies

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This 3D printed formicarium is designed to be the first or second home for a growing colony. With 3 spots for 16mm test tubes to securely attach the nest provides options for the ants and you.

  • 3 attachment points for 16mm test tubes.
  • 2 10mm ports for linking to other things.
  • Stacking pins to keep multiple nests secure.
  • Ant proof silicon seal prevents ants from escaping a gap between tube and formicarium.
  • Silicon caps on expansion ports.
  • Large outworld / viewing area provides ants with plenty of foraging space.
  • Various options for included test tubes and outworld cover.

Batch 1 is printed with multi color filament so color is highly variable.

Batch 2 is printed with purple/blue filament.