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Countdown to the First Hatchlings of 2019

Countdown to the First Hatchlings of 2019


We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first hatchlings of 2019. In this clutch we have several world first possibilities thanks to Sir Racha, out hot sauce (yellow belly and sauce) male.

These 8 eggs have been in the incubator since November 20th of 2018. We started pairing Misty and Sir Racha in August when Misty appeared to be receptive. We witnessed her ovulation on September 18th and she had her pre-lay shed on October 12th. The whole process takes quite a long time and it is pretty exciting to follow it through every step.

After we collected the eggs from Misty we placed them on moist vermiculite in a small tote. The vermiculite is a sterile medium that holds water to help the eggs stay hydrated. We also placed a layer of plastic cling wrap over the top before putting the lid on in order to hold that humidity inside. When using plastic wrap it is recommended that you open it once a week to allow for some air exchange because eggs do breathe.

Early in incubation we used a powerful flashlight to check the health of the developing babies inside the eggs. This process is called "candling" because in the past, people would hold an egg up to a candle to attempt to see inside of it. A powerful flashlight or LED is much more effective. In the picture below you can see the veins that wrap around the inside of the egg and absorb oxygen and moisture from the environment. 

The parents of this clutch are Misty, our mystic female, and Sir Racha, our hot sauce male. The possibilities for the offspring are listed below with possible world first combinations highlighted:

12.5 % Normal (Wild Type, Classic)
12.5 % Mystic
12.5 % Yellow Belly
12.5 % Sauce
12.5 % Mystic Yellow Belly
12.5 % Hot Sauce
12.5 % Sauce Mystic
12.5 % Mystic Hot Sauce

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